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The Naughty List

News anchor Melinda would've said that she was pretty nice, so she's doubly surprised when Santa sends her a text saying that she's on the Naughty List. To get off the Naughty List she's got to be nice--but exactly how nice? And does she have to be nice to her hunky producer, too?

Christmas romance novel and screenplay!

The Christmas Genie

Lena and her beloved Chihuahua Roscoe get an amazing Christmas present--an old oil lamp, complete with a Genie and three wishes! But every wish comes with unforeseen consequences, and Gene has a romantic agenda of his own. Will a Christmas romance create a family, or will those unforeseen consequences lead to an unhappy ending for all of them?

Christmas romance novel and screenplay!

The Second Chance Inn

Sibling​s Wendy and Peter are tryin​g to run the restaurant they inherited together, but Peter's flaming temper ​has run o​ff all the help. Desperate, Wendy hires an ex-con who looks like a pirate and a dessert chef who looks like a porcelain doll to join Peter in the kitchen. Will budding Christmas romances bring them all together, or will it be the end of the Second Chance Inn?

Christmas romance novel and screenplay!

The Holiday Sprite

Trevor thinks that he's on track for the perfect life--the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect wife. But an unexpected arrival threatens to derail all of his plans--by teaching him the truth about himself and making him question how perfect his life really is. Holly shows him the true meaning of Christmas, but can he give up the future he's plotted  and take a chance with her?

Christmas romance novel and screenplay!